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Writers and Designers


Writers and Designers

Writers and Designers in Attensi work to develop exciting and effective learning-journeys in the games we deliver to our customers. 

We work with customers to understand their culture, language and learning needs. From there, we develop exciting and challenging learning journeys that work for their specific organisation.

An exceptionally exciting, fun and challenging workplace

We believe that people perform their best work when they are challenged, free and engaged. Therefore we strive to avoid hierarchies and limitations. We focus on rapid, iterative development, distributed decision power, broad involvement - and on having fun at work!

Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park
0349 Oslo Directions CONTACT@ATTENSI.COM +47 23 90 50 06 View page


32 Blackfriars Bridge
SE1 London Directions LONDON@ATTENSI.COM View page


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